Soap Refill Station
Zero Waste Made Easy

Power your business for a waste free future with Soapstand’s zero-waste refill stations.


Award-winning & impeccably designed

Soapstand makes soap refilling easy and convenient. Our touchscreen interface delivers a seamless experience for any applications from retail to residential.


The Mini


Make a statement and elevate your brand


19.5" touchscreen

Up to 5 SKUs

Mobile and scalable with 
widespread appeal

Flexible retail option


Cashless Payment

Receipt Printing

Why Zero Waste?

Green is The New Growth Engine


Green products are growing much faster than conventional


Of the CPG market's growth comes from green products


Of consumers will change habits to be more green

Why Soapstand?
Zero Waste Is Powerful

Create An Experience


Soapstand's dynamic user interface guides customers through a premium experience they won't want to live without. Surprise and engage your customers with a novel solution towards a zero-waste lifestyle.

Earn Income Passively


From inventory alerts to sales, Soapstand’s automated platform remotely manages your entire network of stations. This means your customers can refill happily while you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Elevate Your Brand


In today's competitive world, it's so important to stand out. By integrating Soapstand’s zero waste technology into your business, you'll position yourself at the forefront of sustainable innovation while future-proofing your brand.

Advanced features
Built to make an impact

Large, high resolution touchscreens make it easy to facilitate purchases while impressing customers.

No assembly required. Soapstand is delivered ready-to-go. Just fill up with your selection of products, such as detergent, hand soap or sanitizer, and you're ready to change the game.


Operating 24/7, our Soapstand stations never stop working for you, your customers, and our planet.

Get To Know Soapstand

What is the range of viscosity that the station can accommodate?

Soapstand can accommodate up to 10,000 cpi. We recommend a viscosity as low as possible in order to increase dispensing speed for the customer.

What container sizes does the station accommodate?

The Soapstand dispensary can accommodate a wide range of container sizes—up to three litres depending on the placement of the opening in the container.

How long does it take to refill a station with new soap products?

While it depends on how many products needs to be changed out, a full change is often under 30 minutes. For "minis", it is often less than 20.

Do you also sell soap?

While Soapstand does not sell any cleaning products, we built the refill station Soapstand to accommodate a wide choice of possible products including detergent, hand sanitizer and hand soap.

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