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The World's Greenest  Amenity

Revenue share. Greener reputation . Resident engagement . Zero-waste . Completely free 

It's a safe choice

It's an easy choice

10% Revenue share

Happy customers and tenants

Develop a green reputation

Proactive servicing

We'll take care of the rest

No cost, no risk, high reward

Helps share vision of developing Vancouver into the world's greenest city

We enter into a flexible agreement

We will fully service and fulfill our units

Place machine in your building/store

Sit back and receive revenue share

Service/product monitoring and security enabled by

Come learn more about us!

Millennials are quickly becoming the most important consumer group. Forbes recently named VISIBLE SUSTAINABILITY among the six most important millennial trends.

Visualize and actualize your sustainability

Soapstand can involve your guests, customers and tenants to be a part of your sustainability efforts.

We are able to break down metrics to one person or aggregate it to an entire building.


Data can also be provided for your own marketing campaigns.