Meet The Future

The first-ever smart soap refill station for a zero-waste future.

Zero-Waste Made Premium

Our award-winning station transforms sustainability into an upscale lifestyle. With high-quality material and large touchscreens, Soapstand offers a premium experience not found in any refill concept out there.

Refilling The Future


Plastic pollution has become one of our era's defining challenges. With no desire to leave this problem to the next generation, refill is now being considered by every major brand. Soapstand helps turn this dream into an accessible upscale lifestyle for everyone.

Awarded Top Innovation

Smart and Automated


Equipped with advanced systems, Soapstand is the smartest refill station ever. Our automated platform remotely manages the entire network of stations and stored inventory. Each station becomes better over time as it learns with each additional use.

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    Proudly Vancouver Canada

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